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Visa Application

We are an Acredited Spanish School with oficcial Certification 2018-2019 for processing Student Visas throughout the Public Ecuatorian Depatment SETEC, Secretaria tecnica del Sistema Nacional de Cualificaciones y Capacitacion Profesional


- A1 Spanish Course: 80hrs - $640
- A2 Spanish Course: 80hrs - $640
- B1 Spanish Course: 80hrs - $720
- B Spanish Course2: 320hrs - $720
- C Spanish Course1: 80hrs - $800

Certification fee for process

- $100, cost for official paper work from our school

Official Certifications for our students

Official Courses with our official Certification for our students from SETEC. Once finished the Spanish Course, you can find your name here:

School Documents that we provide:

- Admition Letter to Migration Office in Ecuador
- Study program for 6/12 months
- Payment receipt
- Legal School documents
- RUC of the School (School taxes document)
- ID of the Director + Telephone

Migration Office requierements

- Official Web site for Requierements for Student Visa
- Official Form (we can fill this out for you)
- Our School form
- Copy of passport copy in color
- Policial document
- 2 Photos for the passport
- Bank acount statement in color
- Spanish course payment bill.


In case you can't get your visa from the Consulate:

- We will refund you the 95% of the Spanish course. .
- The fee for the official documents of $100 won´t be refunded.

NOTE: It is the same process and costs for renewing a visa with us. If you want to renew this visa throughout a different Institution, our School won´t give you any Certificates for our teaching part because it doen´t work with the Consulate when changing Institutions.

- The Spanish course must take place during the first 3 months of the new visa period. If not, we need to report it to the Consulated.