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Visa Application

Hi, new international Students, we are an an Acredited Spanish School with oficcial Certification 2018-2024 to GRANT certificates that allow processing a STUDENT VISA for 6 months or 1 year.

- $100 Registration for official paper work from our school.
- $640 for 6 months Visa need 80 hours Spanish Course
- $1200 for 1 Year Visa need 160 hours Spanish Course

- Please MAKE SURE you want to apply for any of these VISA programs above as once paid NO OPTION to refund money.
- The total cost must be paid at once at the BEGINNING of the visa process.

- A1 - A2 Course: 80hrs - $640 ($8 por hora)
- B1 Course: 80hrs - $720 ($9 por hora)
- B1 - B2 Course: 160hrs - $1200 ($8 por hora)
- C1 Course: 80hrs - $940 ($12 por hora)

Documents tha we will provide you for the VISA process:
- Admition Letter
- Study program timetable for 6 or12 months
- Payment receipt includdying Taxes
- Legal and updates School documents
- RUC of the School (School taxes document)
- DirectorĀ“s ID and Contact Information
- 4 official Certificates of your Course

Migration Office Link

Mandatory Requirements for you: https://www.gob.ec/mremh/tramites/concesion-visa-residencia-temporal-estudiante

In case you can't get your VISA from the Consulate:

- We will refund you the 90% of the Spanish course.
- The fee of $100 wonĀ“t be refunded.

- The Spanish course must be taken during the first 3 months of the visa period. If not, we will haveto report this to the Consulate.
- For renewing a visa with us. Same process and costs.
- Our School wonĀ“t give you any Certificates for changing learning Institutions.