Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Cristóbal Colón Spanish Language School was founded on April 4, 1997 by the Notaria 17ª in Quito and is dedicated to teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The school has been authorized to operate as an educational establishment by Ecuador’s Ministry of Education since 1996, Nª 029-SD-DINEPP.


Our teachers not only want to teach you the Spanish language but also our culture and identity when guiding you in town during the school activities.

Our school is centrally located in a nice area of Quito; this is not a crowded and polluted area.

Our Spanish teachers are very enthusiastic young people who really enjoy teaching Spanish to foreign children, adults, youngs. All them are very polite and happy

We are an inexpensive school with qualified teachers who have all graduated at "IE, Internacional del Español," a well known School for Spanish Teachers in Ecuador.


Phone office: 0225065089 Cellphone: +593998784872 - Address in Quito: Av. Colón Oe2-56 y Versalles (Google Maps)