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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us.


Can I change school locations after arriving?

Yes! We encourage you to make full use of the different school locations around Ecuador. Normally, we require a week's advance notice regarding any changes. For more information, please have a look at The Other Schools in Ecuador.

Can I organize my own accommodation?

Of course! There is no obligation to stay with a family or in our hostel. All of our locations offer a range of hostels/hotels. We would be happy to help organize something for you if you'd like.

Can the school help me with my travel plans in Ecuador?

We have extensive experience working with travel agents offering tours throughout the country. We will also be happy to offer independent advice to our students and to facilitate bookings when requested.


Can you recommend any accommodations?

We have a variety of HOST FAMILIES adjoining our school (3 block and less far) where many of our students stay. This allows for a wider social group as you can mix with both students in the school and those who stay in the House. Also please have a look at our TUTAMANDA HOSTEL website. The hostel is located right next door. Do not feel obligated to stay there. You can stay at the hostel or in at the Host Family without taking classes, and take classes without staying at the Tutamanda Hostel or at a Host Family.

Do I have to speak Spanish before taking classes?

No, you don't have to speak or understand Spanish before joining. Our teaching methods are designed to help you with the first steps of learning a new language all the way to the advanced level. If you are already familiar with the language, we will ask you to do a preliminary written test before starting your classes which will allow us to tailor your course to your needs from day one.

Do I have to stay with families for a set time?

No. Although our prices are quoted per week, you can stay additional days.You will be charged a daily rate based on a pro-rated weekly rate.

Do I have to take classes at set times or particular days?

Absolutely not! We tailor our classes to your needs so that you can take as many hours of classes as you want and when you want. Just ask us and we will find a teacher that suits your needs.

Do I receive a certificate upon completion of my course?

Yes, if you wish. The certificate will state the period of time studied and the level obtained.

Do the teachers speak English?

All of our teachers speak some English, but we teach all the lessons in Spanish only which obliges you to learn faster (English may be used as a last resort!)

Do you offer group classes?

Based on our extensive experience, we have seen significantly better results when students work with a teacher on a one-on-one basis. This method of teaching ensures that our teachers can effectively attend to your learning style and pace. However, group classes are possible for a pre-existing group. Please have a look at our SPANISH COURSES page for more details.

Does the school offer internet access?

We have a free WiFi connection at the school. You can also use our computer at the school.

For how many weeks do most people take Spanish lessons?

The amount of time students attend Cristóbal Colón Spanish School varies greatly and depends on students' travel plans and level of Spanish. The amount of time one spends in class each day can also vary. It is up to you to decide how long you want to stay with us and what level you would like to reach. However, we recommend that Beginners take at least 20 hours of classes, and Intermediate and Advanced students take 40 hours.

Homestay - Is there a choice of families?

Our homestay option is very popular because it improves your Spanish and makes it much easier to find new friends. Our homestay families are all middle class and are very pleased to have students stay with them. They enjoy helping students with their immersion in the Ecuadorian culture. we will try to match any specific requirements with the families that we work with. If, for whatever reasons, you are unhappy with your particular family, please let us know and we will move you to another family.

How many teachers do you have?

We currently have 15 teachers. All of our teachers are qualified with many years of experience in teaching students of all levels in Spanish.

I am thinking of taking lessons in more than one location. Will this affect my learning?

Your progress is tracked and the academic director José keeps a record in Quito. A personal record of your progress is updated and communicated to all teachers regardless of your location. Furthermore, all teachers follow the same basic teaching structure which ensures uniform progress from week to week.