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Jose Aguirre


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Hola Amigos..!

Dear students, Teachers and friends, I’m the proud founder and director of the Cristóbal Colón Spanish School since 1997.

I’m very pleased with the progress we’ve made since our opening in 1997, a progress that would never have been possible without the students that we have received from all over the world and also all the teachers & other staff that have worked here.

I’m looking forward to welcoming our future students and volunteers as well as future improvements to our school.

Over the years, our School has become one of the most popular Spanish schools in Quito, not only because of the quality of our teaching & teachers but also because of the quality of our relationship with our students & our great level of flexibility.

Books published

My academic achievements (Degree in Castilian Literature; PhD in Educational Research – Central University of Ecuador), my personal and professional experience in the field of education and my total dedication to this field have enabled me to contribute meaningfully to the improvement of the teaching of Spanish language as a foreign language in Latin America.

I've applied innovative methodology and created a body teaching and study material consistent with our experience, culture and national image. I authored the textbook Sistema IE “System of teaching and learning Spanish as a foreign language” that is used in schools across Ecuador and Latin America. It reflects my innovative teaching approach as well as the influence of my 25 years of teaching experience in various countries in Latin America and Europe.

Furthermore, to ensure the quality of our teaching and training of our teachers, our school is closely linked to the Instituto IE, which is a reference in Ecuador for the training of teachers of Spanish as a foreign language.

pdfExcersices Book - Answers included

pdfGrammar Book - Has explanations in English

Instituto de Profesores de Español en Quito


Te gustaría enseñar español a extranjeros de todo el mundo?

Te invitamos a aprender una metodología práctica y muy interesante para aplicar con los estudiantes.

Tenemos 20 años enseñando técnicas prácticas de enseñanza.

Recibe tu CERTIFICADO OFICIAL emitido por las autoridades correspondientes.


INSTITUTO IE, Internacional del Español

Director & Facebook Page: Marcia García 

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