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Children/Family Program

Family Program

Come with your entire family and learn the Language of Spanish in a Group. Children can do separatedly as they need a diferent method. No worries if children learn faster the Laguage like you. It is "normal".

Spanish for CHILDREN

Learn Spanish 2Hrs per day - 3 days a week - 6Hrs a week.

Cost: $48 

Our proffessional Spanish Teachers can also be in charge of your children to learn. 

If your whole FAMILIA decide to learn the Language at the same time, we can organize this separately in order all of us can see the development of the kids. 


Basically, we use to select the best female Teacher for this because we think children have more confident with them. No worries if you don´t think so.



Tema 1

Palabras de pregunta

- Qué

- Cuál

- Quién

- Cómo

- Dónde, otros.

Tema 2

- Vocabulario importante: 

- 100 palabras más importantes

Tema 3

Frases y expresiones importantes

Tema 4

La frase, Singular, plural

*Práctica extensa para mecanizar

Tema 5

La oración

- Afirmativa

- Interrogativa

- Negativa

*Práctica extensa para mecanizar

Tema 6

El presente.- 

Verbos regulares e irregulares

Tema 7

Estructuras gramaticales

- Ir a + infinitivo

- Tener que + infinitivo

- Es + adjetivo + infinitivo

- Haber + participio

- Querer + infinitivo, otros verbos de deseo….

*Práctica extensa para mecanizar