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Visa Application

(Updated 2023)

We are an an Acredited Spanish School with oficcial Certification 2018-2024 to GRANT certificates that allow processing a 6 months or 1 year STUDENT VISA.

Admision Letter & FEE

  • $100 Registration for official paper work from school.
  • $720 for 6 months Visa (80 hours Spanish Course)
  • $1440 for 1 Year Visa (160 hours Spanish Course)



Please MAKE SURE you want to apply for any of these VISA programs above as once paid NO OPTION to refund money.


The total cost must be paid at once at the BEGINNING of the visa process.


      • Admition Letter
      • Study program timetable for 6 or12 months
      • Payment receipt includdying Taxes
      • Legal and updates School documents
      • RUC of the School (School taxes document)
      • Director´s ID and Contact Information
      • Official Certificate of your Course

Mandatory Requirements from Consulate:

Please check carefully:

In case you can't get your VISA from the Consulate:

      • We will refund you the 95% of the Spanish course you paid.
      • The fee of $100 won´t be refunded as documents for this were already worked out for you.


      • Start the Course once you got the VISA from the Consulate.
      • The Spanish course must be taken during the first 3 months of the visa period. If not, we need to report this to the Consulate. 
      • If you decide to try Online lessons, each lessons will cost for twice, mean 1 hour will be signed as 2 hours. Same if for weekend lessons.


    • To renewing a visa with us. Apply same process and costs. Need to start from the beginning.
    • Our School won´t give you any Certificates if changing learning Institutions.