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Amazon Projects

NON-Profit Organization based in Quito

We are an Ecuadorian Organization founded on 2004 which can arrange a Social and Enviroment programs for those young people, students, adults who are concerned on this topics

Volunteers can do the service with:

Disabled Children, Poor Children in Schools, Animal Protection, Teach English or also can help with enviroment protection in conservation projects, this here in Quito or in Galapagos Islands.

Every program can be arranged weekly

Conservation in the Amazon/Jungle

Work, enjoy and get the best experince staying at the Jungle in the Amazon.

We offer 1 week program for volunteers with no too much time in Ecuador. If you feel that you want to work more than 1 week, no worries, just let us know how long!


  • Conservation programs
  • Work in re-plantation or in the Vivero, The medicinal plants farm
  • Cleaning trails in the reserve
  • Keep in well conditions the Orchids
  • Monitoring animals in the jungle
  • Teach English to the Children in the communities around.
  • More options in the jungle are also available.

Location - Tena town - Sector Punta Aguano - Río Napo in the Amazon. Travel for 6 hour in a public bus from Quito