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Reforestation y habitat restoration

NON-Profit Organization based in Quito

We are an Ecuadorian Organization founded on 2004 which can arrange a Social and Enviroment programs for those young people, students, adults who are concerned on this topics

Volunteers can do the service with:

Disabled Children, Poor Children in Schools, Animal Protection, Teach English or also can help with enviroment protection in conservation projects, this here in Quito or in Galapagos Islands.

Every program can be arranged weekly

Conservation - Galapagos


  • Habitat restoration: removement of introduced vegetation.
  • Reforestation: Seed collection and classification, nursery work, reforestation lines maintenance.
  • Organic agricultural activities and agroforestry to secure food production for the station.
  • Station maintenance.
  • Personal project (develop your own project or support different conservation projects)
  • Trail maintenance.
  • Sign elaboration for trails.
  • Basic construction activities.
  • Help clean fresh water supply.
  • Help in kitchen
  • Petrel’s observation: nests finding, clearing around the nests to facilitate the mother’s entrance.
  • Phenology studies and flora inventories: observation of native, endemic and invasive species.
  • Bird’s observation at the reserve to determine if they are native, endemic or invasive.
  • Germination Project: The most effective method for germination in vegetable production
  • Coffee production to see the possibility of exportation coffee.