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Survival Spanish Program

Learn the Spanish you need in a full week. This program can clear all your grammatical doubts to have a veery good BASICS of Spanish.

This is an intensive program that can reach from 20 to 35 hours of learning in 5 days. Choose then 4,5,6 or 7 hours in a day.

1 WEEK program - Survival Spanish Program

Survival Spanish Program - 35 hours of private lessons.

Cost: $280

- Learn the most important Basics in Spanish in order you can get ready toputin practice it and improve it during your travelling around Ecuadoror.

Speak Spanish in Ecuador and South America by talking it with the locals all the time.

Study materials, vocabulary list and one cooking lesson a week. (On Thursdays)



Tema 1 Palabras de pregunta





Dónde, otros.

Tema 2 Vocabulario importante: 100 palabras más importantes

Tema 3 Frases y expresiones importantes

Tema 4 Gramática: La frase, Singular, plural

*Práctica extensa para mecanizar

Tema 5 Gramática: La oración




*Práctica extensa para mecanizar

Tema 6 El presente.- verbos regulares e irregulares

Tema 7 Estructuras gramaticales

Ir a + infinitivo

Tener que + infinitivo

Es + adjetivo + infinitivo

Haber + participio

Querer + infinitivo, otros verbos de deseo….

*Práctica extensa para mecanizar